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Tax Deed Sales

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is statutorily responsible for conducting Tax Deed Sales and issuing a Tax Deed in the name of the County to the successful high bidder at a sale. Tax Deed Sales and the issuance of Tax Deeds are governed by Chapter 197, Florida Statutes. The procedure involves a Tax Certificate Holder applying for a Tax Deed through the Tax Collector. (Tax Certificates are sold to collect delinquent taxes). There is no case filed in court and no court order is issued for the Clerk to conduct a Tax Deed Sale.

Seminole County Clerk of Court presents the information on this web site as a service to the public. We have tried to ensure that the information contained in this electronic search system is accurate. Seminole County Clerk of Court makes no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content at this site or at other sites to which we link. Assessing accuracy and reliability of information is the responsibility of the user. The user is advised to search all possible spelling variations of proper names, in order to maximize search results.

Seminole County Clerk of Court shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for any damages in connection with the use of the information contained herein.

All properties sold at a tax deed sale qualify under “buyer beware”.  The purchase of a Tax Deed does not warrant or guarantee clear and marketable title. The Property Information Report received by Seminole County Clerk of Court is only a brief record search for general information purposes.

If you have additional questions, please email taxdeeds@seminoleclerk.org.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I register?

You do not need to pre-register. You need to bring a valid photo ID to the auction. If you are bidding on behalf of a corporation, you will need proof that you are an owner or officer of that company.

Do you have an online auction?

No. We only hold a live, in person auction.

Where is the auction?

Our auction is at the Civil Courthouse, Room S-201, 301 N. Park Ave., Sanford, FL 32773. Our files are at the Records Center, 1750 E. Lake Mary Blvd., Sanford, FL 32773.

What payment methods are accepted?

Cash or cashier’s check.

What amount is due at the auction?

Five percent (or more) of the winning bid, or $200.00, whichever is greater. The rest of your bid is due by noon the following day. If you do not return, you FORFEIT your deposit.

How do I pay if I have the winning bid?

Cash or cashier’s check. You MUST have your deposit on you immediately in the courtroom. You may NOT leave the courtroom to get your payment!

What if you forget your ID, and you are the winning bidder?

Bring your ID with your remaining payment.

What if the property redeems before my final payment is made?

We will have to refund your deposit.

How do I know if a property is valuable?

All properties are sold AS-IS. There are no guarantees or warranties on the property. We HIGHLY advise researching FL St 197.5

How do I remove a tenant?

That situation is out of our control. After you receive the Tax Deed, you will need to research evictions or contact the Sheriff or local police department.

How do I remove liens from a property I purchased?

Because the property is sold as-is, you will need to seek legal advice or contact the lienholder.

What time of year do you sell the most properties?

Statistically, from September to January.

Does a mortgage stay on the property after the auction?

We are not legally allowed to answer this question, however it is covered in FL St. 197.

How do I claim the surplus from a sale?

If you are an interested party, we will notify you by certified mail. You will receive a Claim Form and 120 days to return it to our office.

How do I purchase Tax Certificates?

These are sold by the Tax Collector, 407-665-1000. They DO NOT give you ownership of the property.

Where is the “Lands Available” List?

On our website, under Public Notices & Sales at the bottom of the home page.

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