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Electronic Recording (eRecording) Information

If you frequently record documents then electronic recording (eRecording) is an efficient way to electronically submit documents such as deeds and mortgages to the Clerk of Court for recording in the Official Records of Seminole County.

eRecording eliminates the need to mail or hand deliver documents to the courthouse, simplifying all aspects of the recording process. No special equipment is necessary, just a computer with high speed internet access and a scanner.

eRecording documents can be tracked through the entire process, and are typically recorded within 24 to 72 hours. Once the document is recorded, an image that includes the recording information can be immediately retrieved.

Should you wish to submit documents for eRecording online please note that the Seminole County Clerk of the Circuit Court utilizes the following vendors for our eRecording services:

CSC eRecording
(866) 652-0111

eRecording Partners Network (ePN)
(888) 325-3365

(800) 460-5657

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