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eFile a Case Online

Visit our ePortal


  • What is the ePortal?
    • The ePortal is a web site that provides eFiling capability with a single statewide login.
  • How can I access ePortal?
  • How do I register for an account?
  • What kind of document can I submit via ePortal?
  • Proposed Orders should be eFiled through the ePortal using the Proposed order functionality
    • Proposed Orders are eFiled directly to the Judge and are eFiled differently than documents being filed to the Clerk
    • Sample proposed order
    • Proposed orders must be submitted in Microsoft Word docx format
    • Submit a blank PDF page as your cover letter
    • The following eSignature codes must be applied to the proposed order to indicate signature and date locations:
      • JJJJ = Judge Signature
        • DDDD = Judge Signature Date
      • AAAA = Judicial Assistant Signature
        • MMMM = Mailing Date
      • GGGG = General Majistrate or Judicial Hearing Officer
      • CCCC = Service List
  • What type of documents does ePortal support?
    • ePortal will accept filing in Word and pdf
  • Will there be a charge to use the ePortal?
    • Authorized filers may access the ePortal and file documents at no charge above the statutory filing fee. If a filer chooses to pay statutory fees using a credit card, they will be charged an additional credit card transaction fee, which will be used to cover the associated banking, and merchant fees as allowed by Florida Statutes.
  • I need assistance with my ePortal Whom do I contact?
    • For technical support, including password resets, contact the Florida Association of Court Clerks’ Services Group at 850-577-4609 or email support@myflcourtaccess.com.
    • For assistance with E-filing, such as an inquiry regarding a filing or a case, please use our Phone Directory to contact the appropriate court division.
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