When a property goes into foreclosure, a civil lawsuit is filed and a Lis Pendens is recorded.  To find out if a specific property is in the foreclosure process, you can search by selecting On-line services, Civil Cases and fill in the owner’s name.  If you do not know the owner’s name, you can cross reference this information with the property appraiser by visiting their website at and search using the property address.

To view the list of cases scheduled for upcoming sales, click on the icon below. 

Upcoming foreclosure sales may also be found on our Court Events page listed under On-line Services.  Select a day on the calendar month that you are interested in, select Civil and then select foreclosure sales docket.  If you click on any given case number, you will be taken to the case information page.  From here you will be able to view case docket and documents by selecting dockets.

For additional information, you can visit the Court’s website at, select “Programs” then select “Foreclosure Programs”.


Online Foreclosure Bidder Training Classes

Bidding at Foreclosure Auction

Notice: This is the current process for bidding through October 13th

The foreclosure auctions are open to the public and are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 am unless otherwise directed by the court or if the Clerk’s Office is closed.

The auctions are held on the second floor of the south tower located at;

Seminole County Courthouse
301 North Park Avenue
Room S201
Sanford, Florida 32771

Per Florida Statute, a sales fee of $70.00 must be paid prior to the sale.  The sale will go forward unless otherwise directed by the court or a suggestion of bankruptcy has been filed and verified.

In order to bid at a foreclosure auction, you must be prepared to pay a 5% deposit of the winning bid amount at the closing of that bid.  The 5% is non-refundable and must be paid by cashier’s check, cash or certified funds.  Personal, second and third party checks are not accepted.  Payments must be made payable to Clerk of the Circuit Court.

The balance of your bid must be paid by 2:00 pm that same day unless otherwise ordered by the court, by cashier’s check, cash or certified funds.  Personal, second and third party checks are not accepted.  You may review the Judgment for specific information by going to the on-line searches and selecting civil case search from our website.

The successful bidder must pay to the Clerk of Court and Comptroller; court registry fees of three percent (3%) of the first $500 and one and one-half percent (1 ½%) of the remaining balance of the bid amount.  This must be paid with the balance due by 2:00 pm that same day.

When the bidding begins, the clerk will ask if there are any third party bidders.  Let the clerk know you are intending to bid on the property.  It is important to state the name in which you would like the title issued, should you win, at the opening of your bid.  Once the bidding is closed for that case, we will not be able to change the information you have provided to us without direction from the court.

If you are the winning bidder and fail to pay the 5% deposit, you will not be able to bid for the rest of that day.

The Clerk’s Office is not responsible for any other liens that may be attached to the property.  It is up to you to do your due diligence.

Upon Completion of Auction

There is a 10-day objection period in which the title cannot be issued.  On the 11th day or the next business day, the Clerk’s Office will issue the Certificate of Title, provided that we have the documentary stamps and a correct certificate.

The Certificate of Title will be recorded in our official records.  You may print a copy of the recorded Certificate of Title by going to the case docket on our on-line records via our website.

Once the Certificate of Disbursement has been issued, the surplus amount, if any, will be indicated on the certificate as well as the case docket.

To find out who is entitled to the surplus amount, if any, please see F.S. 45.


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