Child Support

Child Support

Child support is the monetary obligation ordered by the Court for the support of a child or children.

Cases where the support is ordered by the Court resulting from a Dissolution of Marriage are designated as private cases.

Cases where support is ordered by the Court at the initiation of the Department of Revenue (DOR) are designated as Title IV D cases. The Department of Revenue is also responsible for enforcement and management of the support of these cases. Any request for hearings on Title IV D cases must be filed with Department of Revenue. The original should be filed with the Clerk of Court and a copy mailed to Department of Revenue.

NOTE: If your child has turned 18 years old and is still in high school, child support can be extended if the Court order reflects that it can be extended until graduation. You must provide a letter from the school on their letterhead stating the graduation date of the child.

Regardless of the case type, all support payments are to be paid through the Florida State Disbursement Unit (SDU) unless otherwise directed by the Court.

To Make Payments
  • By Mail: State of Florida Disbursement Unit, P.O. Box 8500, Tallahassee, FL 32314-8500
  • By Credit Card or Electronic Check: Go to and follow the prompts.

All payments should include the case number and county from which it was court ordered.

Failure to make timely payments could result in suspension of your driving privileges. Delinquency happens when the non-custodial parent is 15 days delinquent. The Clerk of Court will send notice to the non-custodial parent. If objection or payment is not received after an additional 15 days, Judgment will be entered. This accrues interest daily and can only be removed by Court order or when payment is paid in full after a Payoff Statement is requested.

The Payoff Statement is $25.00 which can be requested by mail or in person to the Clerk of Court. If your support is not enforced by DOR, the custodial parent must file with the Clerk of Court a signed request to initiate the driver’s license suspension of the non-custodial parent.

You may call FLSDU at (877)769-0251 to inquire when the last payment has been posted to your account.

If your case is assigned to the Department of Revenue, they can be contacted by phone at (850) 488-5437, or by mail at:

DOR, Child Support Enforcement 400 W. Robinson St Hurston South Tower, Suite S113 Orlando, FL 32801

Please note:

  • Payment submitted for a child support payoff may be made with cash and/or cashier’s check only. Title Company and Attorney Trust Account checks are also accepted.
  • Payment submitted in response to a notice of intent to initiate a driver’s license suspension due to child support delinquency, may be made with cash and/or cashier’s check only.
  • For either situation, payment can be made at the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center, 101 Eslinger Way, Sanford, Florida or payment by cashier’s check may be mailed to the Clerk of the Circuit Court, PO Box 8099, Sanford, FL 32772.
  • For either situation, payments made with a cashier’s check will require a 14-day hold.
  • At this time, these payments cannot be made online. Other payment options are currently being reviewed.
View Payment History

Click here to see your child support and/or alimony payment history.

Additional Resources

Additional resources available for parents, including job placement, training programs, and community resources, can be found by visiting the following website:

Florida Dept. of Revenue – Community Resources (







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