Chapter 83 Florida Statutes – Landlord and Tenant:

An eviction is a legal procedure a landlord must follow to remove a tenant from the landlord’s property. Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes provides general information on evictions. There are many types of evictions. The Clerk of Court and Comptroller does provide an eviction packet for $1.50.

You can also find these forms on our website by clicking  on the below links:

Eviction Complaint
Eviction Summons
Eviction Motion for Default
Eviction Motion for Default Deposit
Eviction Notice
Eviction Writ of Possession
Eviction Final Judgment
Eviction CARES ACT

Other types of evictions can be researched in the Florida Statutes, at the Law Library, online, or by contacting an attorney.

Florida statutes allow Landlords or their attorney to file the complaint.  It also allows an authorized agent, such as a property manager, to initiate an eviction proceeding; however, the agent may not take any additional action unless the agent is an attorney.  If an eviction is filed by a property manager, a written authorization affidavit from the owner must be filed with the complaint.

These requirements apply only to evictions based upon failure to pay rent.  There are completely separate requirements for eviction for breach of other provisions of the lease, or when the lease is at an end and you do not desire to renew.