Limited Access and Services

  • Criminal Justice Center, 101 Eslinger Way, Sanford
    • Initiation of Mental Health proceedings - Hal Marchman, Baker Act
    • Injunction for Protection proceedings
    • Marriage Licenses - Emergency only (wedding in next 14 days)
  • Records Center, 1750 E Lake Mary Blvd, Sanford
    • Recording of Official Records

Closures until further notice

  • Civil Courthouse, 301 N. Park Ave, Sanford
  • Juvenile Justice Center, 190 Eslinger Way, Sanford
  • Altamonte Springs Branch Office
  • Casselberry Branch Office

Online Services


  • Payments for traffic tickets or criminal fines can be made right from our website. You can also find information about payment plans
  • Payments via check or money order may be placed in the Clerk's drop box
  • Make cash payments of fines and fees at AMSCOT

Suspended Services

  • Jury Duty is canceled through April 17, 2020
  • Wedding Ceremonies are canceled until further notice.
  • Passport application services are suspended until further notice

Telephone Contact Information

  • Civil Courthouse: 407-665-4590
  • Criminal Justice Center: 407-665-4450
  • Records Center: 407-665-4409

Court hearings

  • All Traffic and Out of Custody Criminal hearings are being continued at this time. As we receive further information from the Courts, we will update the cases and mail out hearing notices with the new dates and times to the addresses on file.  Please continue to review our website for more information or call our office at 407-665-4450

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