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Code of Ethics

The Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller is committed to the highest standards of ethics:

  • We shall faithfully carry out all our appropriate duties striving at all times to perform our work diligently, efficiently, equitably, thoroughly and courteously; observing the highest standards of conduct and professionalism.
  • We shall conduct clerk business to further the public interest.
  • We shall avoid both impropriety and the appearance of impropriety.
  • We shall conduct our work without bias or prejudice.
  • We shall express the truth as best we know it.
  • We shall notify the appropriate authority whenever we or anyone in our immediate family are named in any action pending before the court.
  • We shall use our official position solely for its intended purpose.
  • We understand the clerk’s office has a “no gift” policy.
  • We shall avoid relationships that would impair our impartiality and independent judgment.
  • We shall recruit, select and advance personnel based on demonstrated knowledge, skills, abilities and bona fide work-related factors, not favoritism.
  • We expect our fellow deputy clerks to abide by the standards set out in this code.
  • We shall immediately report any attempt to compel us to violate these tenets in any manner to the appropriate authority.
  • We shall not inappropriately destroy, alter, falsify, mutilate, backdate or fail to make required entries on any records within the clerk’s control unless ordered in writing to do so by the court.
  • We shall maintain the legally required confidentialities of the office, not disclosing information, whether or not confidential, to any unauthorized person for any purpose.
  • We shall at all times respect litigants and the public.
  • We shall use the resources, property and funds under our official control judiciously and solely in accordance with prescribed procedures and appropriate law(s).

You may download the entire code of ethics document by clicking here

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